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Flower Preservation for Weddings

This gallery shows examples of preserved wedding flowers in various display and keepsake encasements.
If you prefer to browse a particular type of keepsake, such as only shadow boxes, a jewelry item, etc., please feel free to explore a specific product selection:

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Preserving funeral flowers with Fantastic Blooms - preserved flower shadow boxes.

Preserve your wedding bouquet flowers with Fantastic Blooms.

Fantastic Blooms can help you turn your precious wedding bouquet flowers into a personal treasure that can last you a lifetime. From shadow boxes, to glass domes, jewlery and more, you decide on the type of keepsake you’d like to create. Has your wedding already passed? While there are more display options available if your petals are fresh, you can create a unique keeps sake from dry petals as well, such as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Feel free to browse more gallery pages for additional inspiration, or connect with us today if you’re ready to get started on preserving your wedding flowers!