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Flower Preservation Gallery

Do you have special flowers from your Wedding, Prom, Mother’s Day, or from the funeral of a passed loved one? Our flower preservation gallery is filled with stunning displays of preserved flowers from ALL special occasions. Among the most popular selections our customers love to create include our preserved flower petal bead jewelry, with bracelets being at the top of the list. The creative options you have are vast! So feel free to browse our gallery of preserved flowers and be inspired for your own keepsake. We believe you’ll find preserving flowers into jewelry and art here at Fantastic Blooms an enjoyable experience. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Preserving flowers into jewelry and shadow box displays.

Shadow Boxes

Preserved flower petal jewelry bracelets created from wedding bouquets, memorial flowers and more.


Necklaces and pendants made from preserved flower petals.

Necklaces & Pendants

Preserved flower petal rosaries.


Flower preservation keepsakes in glass domes and other encasements.

Glass Encasements

Preserving flowers into jewelry and rings.


Preserved flower petal jewelry earrings handcrafted from your wedding flowers, memorial arrangement, and other special blooms!


Preserved flowers in mason jars.

Mason Jars

Preserved flowers in mason jars.

Flower Boxes & Vases

Preserved Flower Keychains and Cufflinks

Keychains & Cufflinks

Preserving flowers from weddings, funerals, proms, and every other special occasion!

Preserving flowers into jewelry and art at Fantastic Blooms.

We believe you’ll enjoy the steps of preserving your special occasion flowers into jewelry, art and other keepsakes at Fantastic Blooms with our professional freeze-drying process and creative team. If you’ve explored our preserved flower gallery, and are ready to get started, please contact us today or send us your information online.