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Flower Petal Jewelry

Floral petal jewelry created from your specially preserved flowers.

Be they petals from your wedding bouquet, memorial flowers or from another special event, Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation can create your very own unique jewelry item from your special flowers!

Just imagine being able to take the preserved flowers from your special event, and making them into a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear.  At Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation, we can help you do just that! Through our sophisticated flower preservation process, we are able to condense the petals of your flowers down into sturdy, beautiful beads that reflect the color of your wedding bouquet, funeral arrangement or other special event. Be sure to take a peak at our flower petal jewelry gallery. We are constantly adding new jewelry items for your freeze dried petals, so check back often!

Do you have dried petals from a long time passed? There are flower petal jewelry options available… Contact us today!

How to preserve your flowers into jewlery.

Preserved flower petal bracelets, pendants, earrings, rosaries and more…

Colorful beads made from your preserved flowers are not only a reminder…

Not only will your floral petal jewelry bracelet, pendant or other jewelry keepsake be a constant reminder of a very special moment in time, but based on our customer feedback, it also serves as a wonderful conversational piece with others! Creating a preserved floral keepsake that hangs on your wall isn’t for everyone – so if you are more interested wearing your special floral memories, let us help create a professionally preserved floral petal jewelry item that will be uniquely yours to enjoy for years to come.

Since each jewelry piece is handcrafted, there are numerous types of keepsakes that we can help you design. Whether you decide on a bracelet or pendant from your bridal bouquet, or a rosary specially made from the memorial flower arrangement of a loved one’s funeral, the creative possibilities are endless. Fantastic Blooms uses only quality sterling silver and other fine materials for your preserved petal jewelry, including dyed leather if you prefer a more casual piece.

If you would like to find out more about creating a keepsake jewelry piece from your preserved flowers or would like to make arrangements to get started, please contact us at Fantastic Blooms today! We serve customers in Kansas, Missouri and nationwide.

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Preserved red flower petal bracelet.
Preserved flower petal pendants and necklaces for all of life's special occasions.
Rosaries created from preserved flowers (white roses)
Flower preservation rings.
Jewelry created from presreved flowers in Kansas, Missouri and nationwide!

Ready to create your own preserved flower jewelry?

We encourage you to take a look at the numerous preserved flower jewelry pieces we have in our gallery. It’s a good way to see the different options available, and to become inspired for your own unique preserved petal jewlery creation!