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Cherish the memory of your loved ones by preserving their funeral flowers into a timeless floral keepsake. With state-of-the-art freeze-drying technology, Fantastic Blooms makes this possible for their clients nationwide!
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Professional Flower Preservation for All Occasions

Whether it’s a bridal bouquet, memorial arrangement, prom corsage or any other special occasion flowers, we can help you preserve them into a lasting floral keepsake!

At Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation, we care about helping our customers preserve the memory of life’s special moments. Often times, flowers play a significant role in making those occasions beautiful. With the professional freeze drying equipment and artistic skill necessary to create your flowers into a lasting keepsake, it is possible to cherish them for years to come in the form of wall art, or even flower petal jewelry that you can wear. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the process of floral preservation, meet our awesome team, and discover how we can transform your special occasion flowers into something uniquely special!

Do you have flowers from your wedding day, prom, funeral or another special occasion that you’d like to have preserved? We provide professional flower preservation service in Kansas, Missouri and nationwide:

(913) 586-5126

Interested in preserving flowers into jewelry or encased wall art? There are so many beautiful possibilities…

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Wedding flower preservation for your bouquet, corsages and other floral arrangements in Kansas, Missouri and nationwide!

Wedding flower preservation for your bouquet, corsages and other floral arrangements.

Interested in preserving your wedding bouquet flowers? From a single flower to a full arrangement – we can make it happen!

It isn’t unusual to want to hold onto special flowers that remind us of meaningful events and people. Your Big day is one such event! And, flowers bring life and color to such a joyous occasion. With state-of-the-art freeze drying, it is now possible to preserve your wedding flowers into  a keepsake that you can wear or even admire as an encased work of art. Why let your bouquet flowers fade away so soon after your wedding day? Let us help you preserve those precious petals as vividly as you remember them on the day you said, “I do.” Contact Fantastic Blooms either before, or as soon as possible after your wedding has passed, to make simple arrangements to get them professionally freeze-dried.

Learn more about our affordable wedding flower preservation… Also, if you’re searching for unique wedding gift ideas, we provide gift cards!

Wedding flower preservation gift cards by Fantastic Blooms.
Preserve your funeral flowers into a timeless memorial keepsake.

Preserve your funeral flowers into a timeless memorial keepsake.

Fantastic Blooms will professionally preserve your funeral flowers so that you can enjoy them for years and years to come. This is made possible through the use of our state-of-the-art freeze-drying equipment in combination with the precision skill necessary for this delicate process. We are passionate about the art of floral preservation and are patient and careful when handling your precious flowers.

It brings us tremendous joy to be able to create a lasting keepsake of a loved one for our valued customers. Since flowers are often a part of special events and moments throughout our lives, it’s no wonder that so many individuals have contacted us about helping them professionally preserve their memorial flowers. We initially started our business freeze-drying wedding bouquet flowers for brides throughout the Kansas and Missouri areas, but with the numerous inquiries received, have gladly extended our services to preserving funeral flowers. For years now, Fantastic Blooms has been serving customers nationally by preserving funeral flowers into jewelry and other freeze-dried floral keepsakes with professional memorial flower preservation.  We love helping our customers create unique, lasting keepsakes that remind them of their departed loved one.

Our state-of-the-art freeze-drying methods will help ensure that your flowers last.

So what does it take to preserve your flowers into a timeless keepsake? Have you ever tried to preserve your flowers yourself by pressing them in a book, or even leaving them out to dry? These do-it-yourself flower preservation techniques typically result in dried flowers that are so brown and brittle that those precious petals sadly windup in the trash within a short time. Choosing instead to have your flowers professionally preserved can make a significant difference in both the appearance and the longevity of your floral keepsake, and that’s where we come in.

Please get in touch with us here at Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation if you’d like to meet and discuss the simple, enjoyable process of assembling your wedding bouquet, memorial flowers or other special occasion petals into a beautiful, meaningful keepsake. Each floral treasure is truly unique, and becomes even more so with added small sentimental items. With the amount joy and gratitude we see from our customers when they pick up their finished preserved flowers, we are happy to do the same for you too. Contact us today!

What our customers say about our professional flower preservation jewelry and keepsakes…

Wedding bouquet flower preservation and memorial flower preservation in Kansas, Missouri and nationwide!
Clint was patient and very helpful…

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted as this was a gift for several people. Clint was patient and very helpful. Anytime I called, if I had to leave a voicemail I was called back in a timely fashion. Everyone that received their gift loved it.”

~ Lindsay B.

I began crying because the flowers were so beautiful…

“Our family received some of the most beautiful flower arrangements during our teenage daughter Alyssa’s memorial services. After spending countless hours researching how to preserve funeral flowers, we were ready to travel hundreds of miles away with some of the flowers. We didn’t even know if they were even able to be preserved. Then, before we decided we were going to make the trip we discovered Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation. We called and spoke with Clint, he was so friendly. When we arrived to pick up our finished products, it was very emotional to see how everything turned out. I began crying because the flowers were so beautiful… How do the flowers still look so real?? For families who have lost their loved ones and parents who have buried their children, just like us, and want to preserve some of the memorial flowers so they no longer have to fade away and wilt, we highly recommend Fantastic Blooms. With floral preservation you can create a keepsake that hangs on your wall or wear your special floral memories.”

~ Amy H.

They treated me with love and respect in my time of need…

“Love the blooms. They treated me with love and respect in my time of need.”

~ David K.

I am absolutely pleased with the work that Fantastic Blooms completed for us…

I am absolutely pleased with the work that Fantastic Blooms completed for us. Our flowers were previously dried and were very fragile, Fantastic Blooms made a beautiful display out of them. Thank you so much!”

~ Sara A.

Answered a lot of my questions about the process of floral preservation...

“I live in Iowa and was trying to find a place to get my bridal bouquet preserved. I could not find anyone, so I Googled and found this company up in Kansas City called Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation.

Even though I was so far from them, they took the time to help me find a preserving company close to me. They also answered a lot of my questions about the process of floral preservation, and told me what to look for when finding a floral preservation company. Most people don’t want to talk to you if you are not using their service, but this place was fantastic about helping me. I suggest anyone around Kansas City that wants to have their flowers preserved to give this company a call, they are fantastic.”

~ Brenda S.

Preserved wedding bouquets, flower petal jewelry, memorial flowers and more in Missouri, Kansas and nationwide.

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Through the art of professional flower preservation, Fantastic Blooms can create you a unique keepsake by preserving wedding flowers, memorial arrangements, or any special occasion petals into jewelry, wall art and other sentinmental treasures. We are passionate about what we do, and would love to help you create a momento of your loved one or happy memories to cherish! If you’re ready to get started, please feel free to send us your information through our online form, or simply contact us directly.