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Affordable Floral Preservation

We provide low cost options for all special occasion flower preservation…

Would you like to preserve your special flowers into a keepsake, but are uncertain of the cost? Here at Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation, we are passionate about what we do… We would like for everyone to have the opportunity to preserve their special flowers correctly so that they can last for years and years to come.

Creative ways to display your preserved flowers suitable for all budgets…

Display preserved funeral memorial flowers in an elegant shadow box with sentimental items from your loved one.
Preserve your flowers into and beautiful, handcrafted flower petal jewelry pendant or necklace.
Affordable flower preservation options can include glass boxes, domes and other small clear encasements.
Fantastic Blooms can preserve your flowers in the form of a ring and other stylish flower petal jewelry options.
Fantastic Blooms can preserve your wedding bouquet flowers and encase them in affordable, unique shadow boxes.
Affordable flower preservation for wedding bouquets, funeral memorials and more.

Preserving your flowers at home may be free, but comes at the cost of their longevity.

Have you thought of preserving your flowers at home? Too often, we have seen others try to preserve their flowers through other methods, such as by hanging them out to dry outside, putting them in a shoe box, compressing them between the pages of a book… While these methods may be “free” and cheap, they never leave your flowers looking alive and as you remembered them on your wedding day or other special event. Through the technology of our state-of-the-art freeze dryer however, we can professionally preserve your bridal bouquet, memorial flowers, or special blooms from all of life’s special moments, almost as if they had been frozen in time…

Low cost floral preservation displays.

Starting as low as $29, Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation provides a wide array of display cases for your special flowers that can fit anyone’s budget and personal style. Whether you would like to hold onto a few blooms in a glass dome, or encase all of your wedding bouquet flowers in a pavé shadow box, there are numerous options for you to display your flowers affordably.

Extra savings for preserving your wedding bouquet, memorial flowers, and more.

Another way that we try to make flower preservation affordable for everyone is by offering discounts. We occasionally post flower preservation specials to our Facebook page, so be sure to check back when you are ready to preserve your flowers. These  discounts pertain to not only to wedding bouquets, but also to funeral memorial flowers, or any special floral arrangement that you would like to create into a keepsake!

We would love to hear from you!

Explore our gallery of display frames, and also to take a peek at our preserved floral gallery so that you can be inspired! If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. We would love to have the opportunity to work with you in creating a unique keepsake created from your very own flowers.

Preserving flowers for ALL occasions in Kansas, Missouri and nationwide:

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Explore possibilities for your preserved flowers…
Preserving your flowers at home? Consdier low cost professional flower preservation instead.
If you’re ready, so are we!
If you’ve decided to move forward in getting your special flowers professionally preserved, we’re here to help! Have you already gone the “free” route of trying to preserve your flowers at home and weren’t satisified with the results? There are still options for preserving them into a beautiful floral petal jewelry piece. Give us a call, or hop over to our get started page to learn about how easy the process is of preserving your flowers with Fantastic Blooms!