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Preserve wedding flowers, memorial flowers and other special blooms with freeze-drying methods.

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Are you ready to preserve your flowers into a timeless keepsake?

Whether you’ve decided to preserve your flowers into a unique piece of jewelry, encase them in a custom shadow box, or haven’t decided yet, getting them over to us as quickly as possible after the event is important. The fresher your flowers arrive to us, the better we will be able to preserve their form and color. Have dried flowers from a few years back? We can still transform them into a unique flower petal jewelry item for you…

Please take a moment to review the simple steps of getting started and follow our shipping instructions below. At Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation, we believe that you will enjoy the process of creating your special occasion flowers into a preserved, sentimental treasure! If you have any questions on what to do or need help, please give us a call:

(913) 586-5126

Preserve your wedding bouquet flowers, funeral flowers and other special occasion petals with freeze-drying methods.
Freeze-drying flowers - get started on your preserved wedding flowers or funeral flower keepsake!
STEP 1: Send us your information by calling directly or through our online form.

Either contact Fantastic Bloom Floral Preservation over the phone at (913) 586-5126, or simply fill out our easy online customer information form. If you know in advance of the event that you’d like to get your flowers preserved – all the better! This avoids extra delay in sending them to us for preservation once the event has passed… For flowers especially that you’d like to encase in a glass dome or shadow box, the fresher the better!

Ship us your flowers for freeze-drying.

STEP 2: Ship us your flowers.

After you’ve contacted Fantastic Blooms either directly over the phone or through our online customer information form, the next step is for you to send us your flowers as soon as possible. When it comes to freeze-drying flowers, there are two different options for having them shipped. If you can’t drop them off at our showroom directly, please follow the important instructions below on how to ship us your flowers properly according to the type of keepsake you’d like to create from them.

IMPORTANT: Until you are able to ship us your fresh flowers, keep them refrigerated – DO NOT FREEZE!

Shipping Instructions for Glass Encasements / Shadow Box Keepsakes
If you would like to create a glass dome or shadow box keepsake from your preserved wedding bouquet or other special event flowers, it is crucial to send them as quickly as possible. Please follow these important steps to help ensure the best results.

Packing supplies you will need: sturdy spacious box so that your flowers aren’t crowded (apx. twice as large as the space your flowers occupy), aluminum foil, 2 disposable ice packs, duct tape, 2 plastic bags (one big enough for your flowers, and another for included paper items), and crumpled newspaper.

  1. Hydrate your flowers first! For flowers with open stems, cut 1 inch from the bottom. To seal in moisture, wrap the severed stems with wet paper towels, then wrap the damp paper towels with aluminum foil.
  2.  Line the bottom of a sturdy cardboard box with foil.
  3. Secure 2 disposable ice packs to the bottom of the box with duct tape.
  4. Place another sheet of foil on top of the ice packs, and add crumpled, dry newspaper over it.
  5. Lightly mist your flowers and put them in an opened plastic bag (flowers should be situated in the center of the box).
  6. Add more crumpled newspaper loosely on top of your bagged flowers.
  7. Any additional paper items you’d like to send or incorporate with your keepsake (ie. registration form, sentimental cards, etc.) should be placed in a sealed bag and included in your box.
  8. Tape the box shut, include your return address and label it in large letters “THIS SIDE UP” and “FRAGILE“. Please include your name and phone number inside your box with the flowers so that we know where the flowers came from.
  9. OVERNIGHT SHIP the box of flowers to:
    Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation
    8495 Corliss Road
    DeSoto, KS 66018
  10. Please call us after mailing your flowers so that we know to expect them: (913) 586-5126
Shipping Instructions for Petal Jewelry or Previously Dried Flowers
If you would like to create a flower petal jewelry keepsake and have just a few flowers to get preserved, please follow these simple shipping instructions:

  1. Seal your flowers in a small box with enough room not to be crushed or crowded. We recommend the 1-3 business day priority flat rate box from USPS (apx $5.95).
  2. Ship them to:
    Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation
    8495 Corliss Road
    DeSoto, KS 66018

Please note: Preserved flower petal jewelry can be made from fresh, as well as from previously dried flowers. If you have older flowers from years ago that you’d like to have preserved into a floral jewelry piece, Fantastic Blooms can make it happen!

Freeze-drying flowers and making your payment.
STEP 3: Make your payment.

Once your flowers are received at our showroom, payment is due at this time, and Fantastic Blooms will get in contact with you regarding the payment amount based on the type of keepsake you’d like to create. While we don’t have a set-in-stone price list available (as each creation is unique), you can obtain a pretty good idea of how much your keepsake will cost by exploring our preserved flower gallery.

For your convenience, Fantastic Blooms accepts most major credit cards and you can pay either over the phone at (913) 586-5126, or through our make a payment page. For online payments, we use PayPal’s secure cart system. Please note that having a PayPal account is not necessary in order to be able to process your credit card payment online.

Schedule your consultation with Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation!

STEP 4: Schedule your consultation with Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation!

Within the 30 day window after we’ve received your flowers, it is important for you to schedule your consultation with Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation. It is during this step that we go over the many creative possibilities together for how you’d like to turn your preserved flowers into a lasting keepsake. Our designers will help you select from our wide array of display frames, encasements and different jewerly options. If your’re looking for inspiration prior to your consultation, we recommend taking a peek at our flower preservation gallery.

Freeze-dry your flowers with Fantastic Blooms Floral Preservation LLC

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Need help getting started? Fantastic Blooms provides professional services for freeze-drying flowers. We’re passionate about what we do, and want to help you with cherishing your sepcial memories through the creation of a preserved floral keepsake that you can enjoy for years to come!