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Flower Preservation Price List

Shadow Box flower preservation prices.
Shadow Box

8 x 10 x 3: $100
11 x 14 x 3: $125
14 x 18 x 3: $150
5 x 18 x 4: $250
11 x 14 x 5: $350
12 x 12 x 5: $350
14 x 14 x 5: $385
14 x 18 x 5: $425
16 x 20 x 5: $525

How much is wedding bouquet flower preservation?
Pavé Shadow Box flower preservation prices.
Pavé Shadow Box

6 x 6 x 4 Pavé: $150
8 x 8 x 4 Pavé: $185
10 x10 x 4 Pavé: $225

Engraved shadow boxes for your preserved wedding or memorial flowers.
Engraved Shadow Box

8 x 10 x 4 Engraved Wood: $225
8 x 10 x 4 Engraved Leather: $225

How to preserve your corsage and other special flowers without an encasement.
Flower Preservation
(without framing or encasement)

Bridal Bouquet: $185 – $250
Boutonniere: $15
Corsage: $45
Floral Head Crown: $49
Hawaiian Leis: $150
Individual Flower: $9.95 each

How to preserve your boutonniere flowers.
Glass encasement prices for your preserved memorial flowers, wedding flowers and more.
Glass Encasements

Please refer to our gallery of glass encasements to see aproximate costs for the different styles available.

Flower petal keepskake jewelry prices.

Petal Jewelry

Our gallery features prices for the large  assortment of preserved flower petal jewelry.

Visit our gallery of preserved flowers!
How much does it cost to professionally preserve flowers?

How much does flower preservation cost? Check out our prices…

Are you wondering how much flower preservation costs? At Fantastic Blooms, we can preserve your flowers with or without an encasement. While our shadow boxes have standard prices, our jewelry and glass encasements vary according to the numerous sizes and styles available. We encourage you to visit our gallery, and if you have questions about how much it would cost to preserve your own special flowers. please get in touch with us today!